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Transform your business
& become a change leader.

Northwest Center for Performance Excellence’s experts boost your
bottom line and empower leadership teams while helping you
reach your continuous improvement goals.

NWCPE offers a full range of solutions for organizational transformation, operational excellence, and Lean Six Sigma education.

Consulting & Facilitation

Build a successful company by transforming your organization and empowering your leadership teams. Let our experts tailor a solution for your organization.

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  Courses & Certifications

Receive training and certifications in Lean and Lean Six Sigma to advance your career and drive change in your organization.

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Onsite Training & Coaching

Implement Lean Six Sigma techniques, tools and methodologies for a custom solution to your organization’s challenges and current business needs.

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Workshops & Events

Continuous learning is the key to successful Lean & Six Sigma projects. Sign up today our upcoming certifications in partnership with Portland State University or exclusive workshops.

Title Winter/Spring Fall Time Location
Lean & Six Sigma Overview Already Started 8am – 4:00pm PSU
Six Sigma Project Definition & Planning 3/8/18 8am – 4:30pm PSU
Systematic Problem Solving 3/14/18-
8am – 4:30pm
8am – 12pm
Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Boot Camp 6/25/18-
8am - 5pm OMEF Event Center
We’ve guided industry leading companies on their journey to process excellence and growth by leveraging decades of experience in the most effective continuous improvement methodologies available.

“The principal product is – Value! The engineers are talented, conscientious and thorough. The methods work. We met and exceeded performance in key functional areas in less than one year what others haven’t accomplished in six.”

Dr. Lisa Lang
Former Senior Manager, Anheuser Busch

“We’ve been very pleased with the way John Major and the team at NWCPE have challenged and supported our company to implement Lean Six Sigma methodologies into our culture. I would recommend them to any organization interested in implementing Lean Six Sigma based continuous improvements at either the workgroup or the enterprise level.”

Steve Zika
CEO Hampton Lumber

“In our first work with the founding members, they took on the challenge of a problem that a key customer and recognized industry leader had been struggling with for months. They solved the problem in less than two weeks. They doubled the performance for three additional functional areas and improved production rates by 16%.”

Paul Swenson
President, Kortec

We are trained by the creators of Lean Six Sigma and have decades of success applying continuous improvement methodologies and programs in virtually every industry, across organizations large and small.

Talk to Us

We can develop a custom plan that will guide you through the adoption and implementation of Lean Six Sigma techniques and methodologies to improve operational results, implement process transformations and achieve continuous improvement goals. Let’s join forces to evolve your business and grow your bottom line.

There are many ways to engage with us – whether as a client, partner, student, or team. We encourage you to reach out with any questions about how you can improve performance excellence for you or your company. Just submit your details through our form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.