Authentic Lean Leadership

Learn how to develop some of the interpersonal skills to make real change within your organization

People involved in Lean for any period of time inevitably discover Lean‘s hard to sustain and adhere to after initial implementation. A Lean culture is one in which Lean methods are being applied every day by every person to eliminate waste and continually improve. Lean success requires focus and discipline over an extended period. It also requires vision, leadership, and commitment by management. Finally, it requires a structured process for attaining and sustaining the awareness, attitudes, and skills for Lean success. That process is called Lean Daily Management, and this course will give students the tools to launch Lean Daily Management, as well as the logic to sell it and sustain it.

Course Topics

  • What is Authentic Leadership?
    • The Leadership Spiral
    • Two Principles
    • Six Practices
    • The Reality of Obstacles
    • The Practice of Authentic Leadership
      • The Emotional vs. Scientific Split
    • Cultural Programming and Identifying the Source of Your Values
    • Creating a Values Statement: Setting Goals for your Highest and Best Self as a Leader
  • The Practice of Conscious Leadership
    • Seeing
    • Thinking
    • Absorbing
    • Testing
    • Extending
  • Using the Practice of Conscious Leadership – Real Time
  • Managing Stress and Conflict
  • Vision Mapping & Creating a Plan for Growth as a Leader
    • Creating Milestone Goals
  • Taking It Back to Work and Making It Happen