Leading Effective Six Sigma Teams

Learn the fundamentals of developing and leading teams for high performance

This one-day Leading Effective Six Sigma Teams course will introduce you to a framework for developing and leading effective project teams to achieve high performance. You will learn the required elements needed to build and lead effective project teams including comprehending the importance of efficient team design, facilitating productive meetings, providing valuable feedback, and managing team conflict.

Course Topics

  • Tips for identifying and enhancing the critical stages of team development
  • Practice with various tools and models used to complete the key steps of team development
  • Knowledge of a team charter and how to use it for the creation of new project teams
  • Tips for designing and facilitating effective team meetings
  • Self-assessment and knowledge of how to address team conflict
  • Identification of ways to motivate team members and maximize teamwork
  • Completion of a team assessment and team development plan to improve team interactions
  • Determine the definition of teams and teamwork
  • Understand stages of team development
  • Identify steps that build effective teams
  • Comprehend the importance and applications of a team charter
  • Clarify team roles and the importance of team expectations
  • Grasp how to facilitate productive meetings and team commitments
  • Identify effective ways to manage feedback and conflict
  • Discern how to assess team dynamics
  • Create a team development plan

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this one-day course, participants will reinforce project planning methodologies through project development and feedback.

What Career Paths Benefit the Most From Leading Effective Six Sigma Teams Workshop?

  • Leaders responsible for selecting, developing and leading specialized project teams, as well as managers responsible for leading entire teams
  • Participants in the Six Sigma Certificate series

Additional Course Notes

Customized versions of this course are available for organizations or on-site for organizations desiring to improve team leader’s and manager’s abilities to design and lead effective teams.

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of statistics is preferable. Concepts such as histograms, distributions, mean and standard deviation, area under the normal curve, and the central limit theorem are helpful and will be reviewed in the course. Prior training in regression analysis and hypothesis testing isn’t required as we will teach the applicable principles as part of this course; however, they provide an excellent preparation.

Credit & Follow-Up

Participants who complete this course will earn credit toward certification toward Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Credits: 0.75 CEUs