Lean Practitioner Project Planning - Presentations and Final Exam

Certification in Lean Practitioner Project Planning

Certification is an important step toward success. By developing the expertise to plan and deploy lean in the right way you reduce your risk of failure, learn how to drive organizational change, and create best practices that can be shared across the organization. The certification option adds this 1.5 day course that teaches project leadership skills and ties them into the activities of the Lean Practitioner certificate courses (BE808, BE809, BE812, BE814, BE815, and BE815). Students develop the personal skills necessary to develop and lead a team in an improvement project. Students also plan and complete a project, receive coaching along the way, and, since presentation skills are a factor in successful project management, participants will make a final presentation to their fellow students.

Course Topics

  • Presentations by each participant (about 20 minutes for presentation with 5 – 10 minutes discussion)
  • Review of final exam questions
  • Lean Leadership, an overview
  • Q & A

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this one-day course, participants will take the Lean Practitioner Project Planning Final Exam for Certification in Lean Practitioner Project Planning

What Career Paths Benefit the Most From Six Sigma Project Definition and Planning Workshop?

  • Business professionals and practitioners interested in learning how Lean can improve productivity, lead time and quality and make their day to day activities easier and more fulfilling
  • People working with manufacturing or non-manufacturing processes
  • Executive management or for profit and non-profit organizations
  • Administrative personnel who own or participate in process development and execution