Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Boot Camp

Spend five days immersed in a simulated manufacturing company

This five-day boot camp uses a highly interactive hands-on based business simulation as a vehicle to introduce you to a systems view of Continuous Improvement (CI) and its primary elements — strategy alignment, deployment, and the key methodologies of Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen. Participants will have an opportunity to practice the tools real-time and learn how they drive breakthrough improvements. The combined presentation, simulation, and discussion based learning format of this course provides opportunities to learn from both the instructor and from other students. Participants will discuss their interactions with Lean and/or Six Sigma in their work environment and explore how the principles they learn in this course apply to their business settings. The course immerses students in a simulated manufacturing company where they will learn to align the company’s business and operations strategies and incorporate Lean and Six Sigma based CI to drive performance breakthroughs and develop the Kaizen Roadmap.

Module 1

Key Principals & Simulation Setup

  • Group Problem Solving Dynamics
  • Simulation Setup — Gearhead Golf Carts Inc.
  • Simulation Run #1
  • Continuous Improvement (CI) Levels of Commitment
  • Change Leadership
  • Fundamental CI Principles
  • CI System Overview
Module 2

Linking Business & Operations Strategy

  • Business Strategy Development
  • Discipline of Market Leaders
  • Miltenburg Operations Strategy Development
  • Strategy Deployment Matrix Develop and Implementation
  • Three Year “Stretch” Goals and Annual Objective Setting Philosophy
  • Supporting Strategic Initiatives — Foundation of the Kaizen Roadmap
  • Strategic Measures and Metrics
  • DRI Accountability and the Bowling Chart Technique
Module 3

Lean Six Sigma Overview

  • Lean Overview
  • Six Sigma Overview
  • Lean vs. Six Sigma
Module 4

Lean Basics

  • Process Mapping
  • Waste
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Ishikawa Diagrams
  • Gemba
  • Standard Work
  • Poka Yoke
  • Simulation Run #2
Module 5

Introductions to Six Sigma Process Measurement & Analysis

  • Yield Analysis
  • Histogram
  • Normal Distribution
  • Attribute vs. Continuous Data
  • Test Process Repeatability
  • Process Capability
  • Discussion of Six Sigma Capability
  • Introduction to Design of Experiments Concepts
  • Simulation Run #3
Module 6

Lean Work Cells

  • Spaghetti Mapping
  • Jidoka Principles
  • Lean Work Cell Concepts
  • Pull and JIT Concepts
  • Load Balancing
  • Simulation Run #4
Module 7

Putting It All Together

  • Process Performance Improvement and Lean Pathway Development
  • Kaizen Roadmap Development
  • Course Review and Test

Course Objectives

This course provides the implementation leader or CI champion with an understanding of the CI strategies and methods essential to any successful CI initiative. Students will leave the course with a broad understanding of structured CI and how all of the tools and methodologies within the system are used together to drive operational performance within both manufacturing and within a business process setting.

What career paths benefit the most from Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Boot Camp?

  • Current and future CI, Lean, Six Sigma Practitioners and implementation champions
  • Business leaders interested in learning Lean and Six Sigma basics
  • Practitioners interested in a high level Lean and Six Sigma review
  • Executives, Managers, or Supervisors responsible for employees engaged in Lean Six Sigma activities or implementation of a CI program