Lean Strategic Deployment: Hoshin Kanri

Develop an interactive plan for standardization and sustained improvement

Lean Planning and Deployment, also known as Hoshin Kanri, is an interactive system of strategic planning, standardization, continuous improvement, reporting, and accountability. Includes use of the X-Type Matrix, Bowling Charts, Project Management Tools, and the A3 System. In a team environment, participants will practice using the tools based on a case study.

Course Topics

  • Why Lean & the Role of Leadership
    • Context, Definition & Purpose: Hoshin Kanri and Lean Implementation
    • Why bother? And a brief history of Strategic Planning
    • The Difference Between Management By Objectives and Hoshin Kanri
    • Understanding the Basics of Lean Strategic Planning & Deployment
    • The Path for the Hoshin Planning Process
    • The Strategic and Tactical Tools for Hoshin Kanri
    • Use of an X-Type Matrix
      • Policy & Long Term Plans
      • Annual Improvement Priorities
      • Performance Measures & Assigning Ownership
  • Use of a Tree Diagram with a Process Decision Program Chart
  • Creation of a Metrics-Based Bowling Charts to Measure Success
  • Translating a Plan into Action using a Reliable Method for Improvement
    • How to Run Kaizen Events
    • An Eight-Step Method for Process Improvement
  • Using the A3 Reporting Method
    • Levels of Use and Examples: Case Examples

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this one-day course, participants will have a strong foundation in how to build a culture of sustained improvement.

What Career Paths Benefit the Most From Lean Strategic Deployment Workshop?

  • Business professionals and practitioners interested in learning how Lean can improve productivity, lead time and quality and make their day to day activities easier and more fulfilling
  • People working with manufacturing or non-manufacturing processes
  • Executive management in for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • Administrative personnel who own or participate in process development and execution