Toyota Kata & Situational Leadership

Develop sustained Lean every day through small tests of change and interactive coaching

The DNA of Kaizen. Developing an improvement culture and habits, and coaching skills for daily problem-solving. Learn about how to motivate, teach, and sustain improvement to development a “learning organization.” Develop communication and coaching skills so that your associates are “ready” for engagement.

Course Topics

  • Why Lean & the Role of Leadership
    • What is Improvement Kata and why do it?
    • The Improvement Kata Pattern
    • Guidelines for Practicing Kata
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • How to Perform Improvement Kata
      • Understanding the Issues and Challenges
      • Seeing & Understanding the Current Condition
        • Asking the Right Questions
      • Identifying Outcomes – The Target Solution
      • Test and Implement, Adapt or Work Toward the Target Solution
  • Guidelines for Coaching
  • Practice Routine: How to Do a Coaching Cycle
  • Tools for Coaching
  • Situational Leadership
    • Leadership Inventory: Understanding and Improving your Leadership Style to Fit the Needs of Others
  • Learning Styles Inventory & How that Affects Communication
  • Helping Others Become More Self-Reliant
  • Taking It Home – Next Steps

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this one-day course, participants will have a strong foundation in how to solve problems, make improvements on a daily basis, and coach others to do so.

What Career Paths Benefit the Most From Lean Situational Leadership Workshop?

  • Business professionals and practitioners interested in learning how Lean can improve productivity, lead time and quality and make their day to day activities easier and more fulfilling
  • People working with manufacturing or non-manufacturing processes
  • Executive management in for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • Administrative personnel who own or participate in process development and execution