On-site Training & Coaching

Onsite training and coaching customized to your specific needs to achieve performance excellence

Effective consulting and coaching takes on many forms and is based on your organization’s goals, culture, and level of process maturity. The support can be ad hoc or a complete and comprehensive approach to transformational change and continual improvement. NWCPE provides in-house training, consulting, and one-on-one coaching.

NWCPE founders and leaders are distinguished contributors to successful process optimization for diverse industries and are committed to supporting and practical approaches. NWCPE leaders are concerned first and foremost with you and your organization’s success.

NWCPE offers training and certification in collaboration with recognized institutions of higher learning including Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry in Salem, Oregon and the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito in Quito, Ecuador, via stand-alone open-registration NWCPE workshops and in-house customized training programs.

NWCPE leaders practice what they preach. They offer turn-key transformational and ad hoc consulting, training and coaching to support your organization’s continuous improvement initiatives positioning you to become the leader in your industry.

Invite us in for a free Lunch and Learn session to sample how it works. Support is available worldwide and in English and Spanish.

  • Performance Excellence — the TRAINING COMPONENT.
  • Training in targeted methodologies.
  • Full Lean and Six Sigma training and certification.
  • Open registration workshops for individuals or small groups.
  • On-site training and complete programs for the whole organization.
  • Stand Alone Courses.
  • On-Site.
  • Certification tracks.

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Lean and Six Sigma Consulting

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