Six Sigma Black Belt Exam and Project Reporting One-day Workshop

Set a strong foundation in Six Sigma design of experiments methodologies with our one and a half day course

Course Description

Course Number SS512: Six Sigma Black Belt Exam and Project Reporting: Culmination of the Black Belt Certification Series

This one-day Six Sigma Black Belt Exam and Project Reporting session is the culmination of the Six Sigma Black Belt certification series. This workshop is where it all comes together. The Back Belt certification exam is designed to test and reinforce the learning of concepts fundamental to the correct and effective selection, use and interpretation of Six Sigma methods throughout the Six Sigma Black Belt program. The reporting is a demonstration of the participants’ ability to apply the learning and communicate the methods, results, and benefits to others.

Course Topics

  • Completed Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam
  • Reinforcement of the learning from Yellow Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Review and coaching on projects
  • Certifications as Six Sigma Black Belt practitioners for students successfully completing and reporting on projects

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this one-day course, participants will reinforce concepts through project reporting and take the Black Belt exam.

What career paths benefit the most from Six Sigma Black Belt Exam and Project Reporting Workshop?

Six Sigma Black Belt certification candidates who have attended the prerequisite training modules.

Additional Course Notes

Customized versions of this course are available on-site for organizations wanting to target specific groups or objectives, e.g., overview for management including how to lead successful implementation of design of experiments; equipment operators with an emphasis on participation in the conduct and interpretation of results; quality and process engineers with a focus on the design of experiments analysis and interpretation, sampling method design and follow-up strategies; marketing personnel and how to design studies to answer questions essential to market understanding.

Credits: 1.5 CEUs

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