Lean Daily Management

Learn how to establish and sustain a successful Lean culture

People involved in Lean for any period of time inevitably discover Lean is always difficult to sustain after initial implementation. A Lean culture is one in which Lean methods are being applied every day by every person to eliminate waste and continually improve. Lean success requires focus and discipline over an extended period of time. It also requires vision, leadership, and commitment by management. Finally, it requires a structured process for attaining and sustaining the awareness, attitudes, and skills for Lean success. That process is called Lean Daily Management and this course will give students the tools to launch Lean Daily Management, as well as the logic to sell it and sustain it.

Course Topics

  • Building the Lean Daily Management foundation
  • The surprising thing about motivation
  • The 10 Keys to Lean Daily Management
  • Key Performance Indicators that Matter
  • Developing Best Practices
  • Building Work Teams
  • Visual Displays and Daily Huddles
  • The Daily 5S System
  • Front Line Problem Solving: The DO IT Method
  • Coaching Practices
  • How to perform Gemba Walks
  • The importance of Leadership
  • The concentric circle model for planning and rolling out the system
  • Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this one-day course, participants will have learned or reinforced the Lean concepts of building and sustaining a successful Lean culture.

What Career Paths Benefit the Most From Lean Daily Management Workshop?

This course is unique in that it benefits every person in an organization – from senior managers to front line workers. Lean Daily Management is where true Kaizen and continuous improvement occurs.

Course Facilitator

Tom Fabrizio